Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rapid urbanisation of Bangalore has sacrificed many buildings, made them unrecognisable, slicing them in half in order to make space for wider roads. We would like to work with a found space (Vinayaka Mantap) which has been such a victim of rapid growth of the city. One place on the Bellary road, Vinayaka Mantap attracted our attention as it used to be beautiful marriage hall once upon a time, and now sliced in half it has lost its previous glory. We would like to play with history of this space and to try to recover its previous importance through different actions and performances as well as to give it a new meaning and function of the space for the art world. In simple words we are planning to create an art adda to nurture performance art.
Main idea of the project is to revive old abandoned structure of a wedding hall in Bellary road through public performances and installation art, during three months period, which will be resulted in performance- presentation of work done during three months, as well as performance of rebuilding the old wedding hall with our bodies as a final act.

Abandoned place have their own magic they are telling unique story of the decade past. Their charm is one of a kind and they are inviting us to find out their own past. In art, found/abandoned spaces can be used in so many different levels, as a exhibitions space, reaction to the environment with performance art as well as place just to gather and discuss about art. Uniqueness of these places is inspiring and will always put more into one project or artwork related to it.
Sometimes taken over by migrated people searching for shelter, this once so large and monumental structure becomes a story teller of the decade past. I Jeetin Rangher as a project director will be taking a character of a migrant which will be staying in the building and connecting all the actions happening during three months. 

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