Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This Sunday we started with chocolate hearts.Katarina was sharing many in her performance asking people to decorate heart and then give it to someone. But in heart there was a surprise sour filling which would strike one who bites the heart.

Soon performance with Abhilash Ningappa and group of dancer started. Improvising on the space.

There was a big crowd that questioned Abhilash afterwards.

Performance by Jeetin  Is visible Black\Black is visible. 
The performance is on trying to intervene in dark spaces where people are afraid to go or usually hesitant. The artist is using shoe polish to make the strong concrete pillar merge in the darkness of the basement, it is to relate to all those people who were working in the mantap as cleaners or servants, no one knows where they vanished, at the same time they were like pillar to the mantap. How a sect of society is always there but kind of invisible to many. There presence or absence  is least  noticed.

We closed the day with performance by Katarina Rasic where she was marking the space what Mantapa earlier occupied with a pink rangoli color. Katarina uses pink color a lot in her work and in this manner she found it most suitable to mark the roots of this Mantapa since it was a space to cherish love and pink color we are relating to love.

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