Sunday, May 11, 2014

New session of performances in Art Adda on 26th April

On 26th April afternoon we started next session of performances in collaboration with students from Chitra Kala Parishad.

First work by Katarina Rasic named Shringar personified was done in collaboration with local lady who lives and works in coal shop which is situated in one part of Vinayaka Kalyana Mantapa.

Idea was that Katarina Rasic  will tattoo her with one of  rangoli  symbols and then she will ask her to design something for her which Katarina will tattoo on herself. Tattoo is something that is forever as marriage should be and as well  it is believed that if there is anything that survives after death it that tattoo marks, because the soul is identified by them.

How it usually happens in life as well as in art surprise came up. When we came and Katarina was ready to start the work lady was saying that she doesn't have a design. But she decided to give that important role of designing her tattoo to her kids. The faith and belief a mother has on her kids is visible in this piece as she never heisted to select the design from her kids work.

And while the tattoo was going to end she herself asked for colour to be filled inside the tattoo. 

After involving in this piece don’t know whether to say or consider it as a performance or just let it be as a work which will continue for long so that I can understand the complexity of this work - in the end says Katarina.
She is planing to involve in this work more locals related to Vinayaka Kalyana Mantapa and do a tattoo work for them. She is looking forward for their decisions for the pattern of tattoo and other surprises that will come out of this work.

Idea of Art Adda is to create platform for young artist to collaborate so we were happy to work with students from Chitra Kala Parishad.

We started with Sanjeetha Manjunath performance Last Resort. 

She made movable interactive piece out of cart (bundi) in which she exhibited art and she was preparing small snacks for people around. Idea is to put together different forms of art and break the walls of gallery space.

Next performance was by Pratyush Gupta named An official hastakshar
Powdered charcoal was  spread on the entrance so when people are coming inside the space they will stamp on powdered charcoal and make an impression, mark.

Wood +greed=coal, coal+more greed=broken dwellings. And the process simply starts of with curiosity and paves its way towards a catastrophe. Initially when the viewers looked at the site of installation they were curious to know. And that curiosity led them in and ultimately have guided them to officially mark their presence and contribute to the mistakes done by others. Thay has officially signed their death warrant and just like thumb prints their legs become a source or proof of their participation in crime -says Pratyush.

Afterwards Anand Vishnu performed.
The performance is based on the public monumental sculpture which remain static in its surroundings and at the same time remains important to its own past and its effort to express in the continuing present at its time and space.

Then Sale by Hi Tech Harud started. The performance starts with Jeetin Rangher dressing up in corporate dress, but wearing noose and mouse instead of tie. He is pulling and pushing a cart filled with hi-tech gadgets and plants.  

Harud is giving plants for free and gadgets on charge. Harud is trying understand the difference between value and price of the plants and hi tech objects. Do we value plants or the objects or are we ready to give price for the trees. Harud has kept sale (free sale). It’s written all over but it’s only free for plants and charges are applicable on the gadgets.

Surprisingly some people gave value to plant and took them while other was bargaining on the price of the gadgets. The gadgets were not in working condition still they wanted to bargain on it. Harud was able to give away more than 10 plants for free. It’s interesting to see people searching and bargaining value for money but not for life.

This was another exciting set of performances. We are looking forward for next events on 16,17 and 18 May..

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