Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This weekend we were really excited to have so many different artist from all over India in Art Adda working with us. 

“Winding & Unwinding” - performance by Augustin Tilak
Mind is our winding. Our Mind tends to move towards its goal (It can be anything) and as the process builds up, it cannot see where it is heading to, as it winds itself. Then the mind is in the control of the desired goal. When the mind gets unwinded, we attain our freedom, the real liberation and we can see our real “Self”. In other context, I have explored the Birth and our conditioning as the winding and freeing oneself from our conditioning as the Unwinding.I have used seven Red balloons in this performance indicating the seven consciousness and the seven Chakras, when all the seven are let free/ activated, we are totally free and are one with the existence.-says Augustin

Pefromance by Sajan Mani
 MIND THE GAP is an ephemeral -ritualistic act connected to power,boarder and body.It is a continuous response to specific spaces and this process will continue to different spaces. This performance is artist's own search with his body.
Artist will collect memories (objects) from houses (those people who connected to the marriage hall in their life) and pack it like an art object packing by using bubble wrap and tapes. Artist will walk towards the old marriage hall space where he will put his objects and he himself pack like an art object to be preserved .Video of the walk will be projected to the abandoned wall of the marriage hall. Artists' body become and art object and will stay there for long time.

Performance by Hemant Puri
The women. What progress do we acknowledge when one half of humanity stands stranded at our feet? A nation paralysed, and whatever one might achieve, one half of the population gets the privilege out of it! The skewed sex ration in Haryana, responsible for large scale trafficking of girls, for forced marriages and bonded labour, nicknamed Paro, from other states, triggered the chain of thoughts behind the performance. The brides are needed solely for their ability to perform free reproductive and productive labour. Manly from underprivileged and economically marginalised regions of eastern India, they are shunned, segregated and isolated. Every year, it is estimates that some half a million girls are aborted in India. The imbalance is made by practises where women are treated more and more like commodities. Usually the entire community is complicit in the practise, making it difficult to make inroads for checking the practise.
The performance, which is interactive with the audience, tries to strike a note in the hearts of all, but women in particular, about being aware towards the rights they have over their bodies, in all terms of the word, including productive and reproductive rights.

3 minute reaction-Murari Jha
3minute reaction-My question is to people, why right or wrong change time to time, place to place, and people to people. There is not only one problem; there are numbers of problem in our society.  Why we don’t have any stand? Why we putting fingers on others? Why not at ourselves? One can make family, family can make society, society can make--------Country.
Human being fight for no reason or for trivial reasons
Sometimes we fight for the home
Sometimes we fight for the city
Sometimes we fight for the state
And ultimately fight for the country
Place do changes but our ego remains
History of the space is very important for me. But more important the message directly or indirectly I am trying to say through the space…    

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