Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Festive atmosphere continues

Jivan Fernstern joined hands with local ladies in making rangoli.He is visiting Bangalore as a residency artist in One Shanti road supported by Goethe institute. He is very interested in rangoli art working and researching on this medium. Everybody were very happy to collaborate and work with him. Jivan was really happy with all new patterns to get from local ladies. He started with doing rangoli with cone but soon toughed by a local girl he was doing rangoli with his hand. Even  a local man joined in making rangoli.

Next performance was by Bhuvanesh Kumar called Healing in this performance he wanted to relate his infected body (he has a skin disease called psoriasis)  to the ruined Mantap’s space. During performance he was applying  neem and turmeric leaf paste on his body symbolically purifying body-space. Neem and turmeric both believed as sacred for doing rituals and they both works as medicine also. 

Then he invited people to decorate him as a marriage hall. 

Afterwards he applied neem and turmeric paste on the wall of Mantap and wrote a mantra for healing.Showing our goals to heal this space with art.

We were also planning to project a film by Sanjita Majumdar based on a letters of Indian solders from Second World War called Searching+for+a+Bullet+in+a+Wounded+Indian+Sepoy but due to technical difficulties it didn't happened. We decide to postpone it for 31 May. So this upcoming weekend you can see this beautiful move based on the research on the original letters and Jeetin Rangher joining in the projection with the performance.

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