Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Art Adda 16.05.2014.

After a bit of time  e decided to refresh Art Adda  in a big style keeping performances continuously for three days. It was a great weekend with a lot of things going on. We rally enjoyed in collaboration with every artist.

Locals were really interested in what is going on and they joined in writing on our wall of wishes...
Soon performance by Vidya Shree, Diana Aron, Varsha Vijaykumar and Amulya Shivakumar students from Chitra Kala Parishad started

In the performance they built up small Chapra inside old demolished Kalayana Mantap.And while telling a story they were building it up decorating to to beautify the space while reading the story, later they demolished the chappra. 

A couple got married in this wedding hall. After few days, the same couple discussing their future plans walking by the same hall They smile at each other after looking at the hall They say "it feels so great to revisit the place where we bonded, where we began a new chapter in our lives. This is a memory that will be with us forever." Next time they pass by the hall with their young daughter.

They promise each other that they would get their daughter married in the same hall They say "This hall is a witness to our bonding, hope it would be a witness to our daughter's new life too." One day the man sees the hall being demolished, and is shocked He asks the workers demolishing the hall, why is it being done They say it is to widen the road He comes back home and tells his wife

Wife feels sad too After few days, they see half demolished hall and frown  When a building is demolished, it makes way for a new future, but hurts the past of the place where the building once stood. When a road is widened, space is made for hundreds of vehicles, but space of hundreds of memories is stolen. Progress is not defined by what we destroy, but by what we give back to the community. What better than giving back the happiness by preserving what makes the community happy. Let's preserve memories. Let's preserve happiness. 

  Katarina decided to continue her performance Shringar with performance called Love in few words.She took  the role of Vinayaka Kalyana Mantapa and sharing small pieces of cloth in which she was asking local people to write few words about love, later the artist will stitch all the pieces together to make it as a stole and decorate her with the stole as this marriage hall used to be place to cherish love.
Performance was continued for the next day in front of the Ram Temple. 

Then we had a performance in a ground floor of Mantap (building)which used to be dinning hall for the marriages, now filled up with garbage. We wanted to clean up this space for a long time but we didn't get permission from the owners. Jeetin Rangher and  Bhuvanesh Kumar  decided to intervene into the basement with performance called Spicy Sweets. Diana Aron joined in the performance with dance symbolic to time. Through this performance they are trying to relive the time of festivity and the time when it started getting demolished, and the relation between the owners, to public around and our own reflection to these relation.Our persistent attempts to clean up basement went in vein in spite of rigorous attempts. In this performance they were feeding each other with chilies and drinking sweet water, while Diana was dancing around them as time. 

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